The Brewery: Re-visioning

Closed9 Feb, 2015, 00:00 - 9 Jun, 2015, 10:30

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Welcome to the Brewery: Revisioning public consultation. 

The aim of this consultation is to provide a platform for the you and your community's views on how the Brewery site should be developed. What are your aspirations for the Brewery site?  How will the Brewery contribute to enriching Kilkenny for current and future generations? There so may possibilities. For this reason this consultation is open and as broad as possible. Please feel free to share your opinion on any aspect.

You will see on the right a number of questions to help start you thinking. But you don't need to think alone. This consultation is interactive so you can directly view and engage with other citizens' submissions, creating a community conversation on the issue.

Read also the contributions of citizens at two consultation weekends held on the 9th-10th January 2015 and 23rd-24th Jan 2015. All background material is available to download. 


The views of citizens who participated in the Brewery: Re-visioning workshops are available here.


What values should the Brewery represent?
Looking forward 20 years what vision do you have of the Brewery?
What indoors uses and activities would you like for the Brewery?
What outdoor uses and activities would you like for the Brewery?
How should people get around the Brewery
What type of character should the Brewery have?
Do you have comments on the project design and development processes?
Are there any other comments you would like to make relating to the development of the Brewery?