2.5 Strategic Objectives

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2.5 Strategic Objectives

2A           To support and encourage sustainable compact growth and settlement patterns, integrate land use and transportation, and   maximise opportunities through development form, layout and design to secure climate resilience and reduce carbon emissions.

2B           To support the implementation of the National Climate Action Plan and the National Climate Action Charter for Local Authorities, and to facilitate measures which seek to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by embedding appropriate policies within the Development Plan:

2C           To promote, support and direct effective climate action policies and objectives that seek to improve climate outcomes across the settlement areas and communities of County Kilkenny helping to successfully contribute and deliver on the obligations of the State to transition to low carbon and climate resilient society,

2D           To integrate appropriate mitigation and adaptation considerations and measures into all forms of development.

2E           To ensure that the Draft Development Plan transposes, supports and implements strategic objectives of the National Planning Framework and the Southern Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy to create an enabling local development framework that:

(a) promotes and integrates important climate considerations in local development and the assessment of planning applications and

(b) supports the practical implementation of national climate policy and targets to assist in the delivery of the national transition objective.

2F           To promote and encourage nature-based approaches and green infrastructural solutions as viable mitigation and adaptation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

2G        To reduce energy related CO2 emissions of Kilkenny County Council

2H           To achieve the commitment under the European Climate Alliance to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent every 5 years.

For Kilkenny County Council to achieve their 33% energy reduction obligation by 2020, the Council identified a number of energy efficiency areas.  The Council’s adaptation plan identified five key areas where Kilkenny County Council could reduce its energy consumption and meet the 2020 target. These areas were public lighting, electricity efficiency in buildings, thermal efficiency, transport, and renewable energy.

KCC has achieved this 2020 target of 33% improvement in energy efficiency in accordance with the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP), as reported by SEAI in their Annual Report on Public Sector Energy Efficiency Performance, 2019.



Comments on strategic objectives
Carbon emission reduction targets Objective 2H  states that the Plan aims to 'achieve the commitment under the European Climate Alliance to the reduction of greenhouse gas...
Bord na Móna welcomes the content and policies outlined in Chapter 2 which sets out Kilkenny County Councils commitment with respect to Climate Change, Decarbonisation and transitioning to a low carbon and climate resilient County.
  We welcome the Councils strategic objectives with respect to climate change, in particular: 2A: To support and encourage sustainable compact growth and settlement patterns,...