5.3.2 District Towns

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​​​​​​5.3.2 District Towns

The District Towns perform an important role in driving development in the County and have much potential that can be capitalised upon.  Indigenous industry and SME’s are important to these areas.  Their strengths lie in their capacity to accommodate employment, residential and other functions on the basis of their comparative advantage in terms of lower costs and a quality of life which is attractive to many people.  Each District Town (Callan, Castlecomer, Graiguenamanagh/Tinnahinch[1] and Thomastown) has a statutory Local Area Plan.


5K           To ensure the sustainable development of the District towns in the County to achieve their target populations and enhance their capacity to attract new investment in employment, services and public transport for the benefit of their own populations and that of their rural hinterlands.

5L           To promote a diverse and sustainable local economy through the designation of sufficient lands for employment related uses, including facilities, to promote SME growth through the local area plans for the District towns.


[1] Graiguenamanagh/Tinnahinch LAP is a joint venture with Carlow County Council and will be adopted as a plan in 2021