5.4.5 Out of Centre Retail

Closed22 Dec, 2020, 09:00 - 12 Mar, 2021, 17:00
​​​​​​5.4.5 Out of Centre Retail

Out of centre retailing is predominantly relevant to Kilkenny City, where there are a number of small out of centre retail locations.  In addition, there is a large retail park on the outskirts and south of the city.  The Kilkenny Retail Park is comprised of large units mostly for the sale of bulky goods.

In addition to the retail park, there are a number of local neighbourhood centres located within the bounds of Kilkenny that provide a supporting role to the retail and services offer of the City Centre. While these shops and services are important, their growth should continue to be carefully managed so as to ensure that they would never have the opportunity to compete with Kilkenny City Centre.

The local centres within the bounds of Kilkenny include:

• Newpark Shopping Centre (19 units);

• Loughboy Shopping Centre (12 units);

• Waterford Road (11 units);

• Lidl on Johnswell Road;

• Aldi at Hebron Industrial Estate

These local centre locations provide an important convenience goods offer and, in most cases, a limited range of services for local residents and should continue to be supported albeit given limited opportunity to expand.