7.5.1 Aggregate Potential Mapping

Closed22 Dec, 2020, 9:00am - 12 Mar, 2021, 5:00pm
7.5.1 Aggregate Potential Mapping

As part of a National Development Plan funded programme, Aggregate Potential Mapping (APM) has been carried out by the Geological Survey of Ireland for County Kilkenny[1].  Aggregate consists of any hard, inert material, used in variously-sized fragments, either loose or in bound form, in the building of roads and other construction.  Aggregate in Ireland is acquired from (a) sands and gravels, known as granular, and (b) bedrock which is blasted and crushed in quarries.  The APM has identified both the Granular Aggregate Potential (GAP) and the Crushed Rock Aggregate Potential (CRP).

Because the extraction industry is a very significant industry serving the construction, industrial and energy sectors, it is important to facilitate development with due regard to mineral reserves so that inappropriate development does not impinge on the viable exploitation of the resource.