8.5.2 Protocol for Development of Facilities

Closed22 Dec, 2020, 09:00 - 12 Mar, 2021, 17:00
​​​​​​8.5.2 Protocol for the Development of Facilities

The provision of new facilities may not always be preferred as it may be more appropriate to upgrade, refurbish and improve existing facilities, particularly in established settlements.  The following protocol will be used to ensure that development occurs in an orderly, sustainable manner, and should be considered as a sequential approach to developing or improving facilities (where existing).

  1. Bring into use a redundant or infrequently used facility.
  2. Make better/more frequent use of existing sports facilities, including sharing of facilities.
  3. Improve management procedures within existing facilities.
  4. Refurbish facilities within the existing footprint.
  5. Extend existing facilities.
  6. Provide a new stand-alone facility, to be considered as a last option once options (a) to (e) have been explored.

The final option (f) should be chosen after all other options have explored and ruled out.