9.5.1 Arts Organisations

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​​​​​​9.5.1 Arts Organisations

Kilkenny’s cultural and arts organisations span a diverse breadth of disciplines and activity including Barnstorm Theatre Company, Lighthouse Studios, the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Arts Festival, the National Craft Gallery, the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, Savour Food Festival, Kilkenomics, Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent (KCAT) inclusive Arts Centre, Young Irish Filmmakers, Devious Theatre Company and Cartoon Saloon.  All of these fulfil important roles within the arts and cultural development of the county and have raised its profile nationally and internationally.  The support of existing organisations and creative industries is crucial and successful business and cultural activity attracts further business and complementary industry to locate and relocate to specific regions.



Arts Organisations update
9.5.1 Kilkenny is renowned nationally and internationally for its arts and cultural organisations. It boasts numerous festivals such as the Kilkenny Arts Festival, which has been...