Draft Map 1: Kilkenny City

Closed31 Oct, 2022, 23:59 - 1 Jan, 2023, 23:59

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Altamount- Lands at the rear of Altamount Park in Leggettsrath West are zoned Existing Residential 7 in Council ownership. These lands are currently undeveloped and have an unauthorised use of an...
McDonagh Junction
McDonagh Junction - A site located at the rear of McDonagh Junction Shopping Centre adjoining the boundary with Nowlan Park is zoned General Business and remains Vacant & Idle. This land should...
Strategic Reserve Lands
Strategic Reserve Lands: The following sites have been zoned "Strategic Reserve" in the recent development plan but the justification for doing so is unclear. It has been suggested by others that the...
Land at Robertshill
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See attachment for text of submission