Climate Action Plan - Pre Draft Consultation

Dúnta3 Bea, 2023, 12:43 - 8 Mei, 2023, 16:59

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We would like to get your views on what you would like to see addressed in the first Kilkenny County Council Climate Action Plan (2024-2029).

Submissions will be accepted during the month of May 2023

  • We would like to hear any comments or observations you have at this pre-draft stage
  • Tell us how you think Kilkenny should address climate action and transition to a low carbon county
  • Let us know what you or your community/business is doing to support climate action so that we can highlight good case studies

Submissions may be made as follows:

  • Through Kilkenny County Council’s public consultation portal
  • By email to (Subject line: CAP Pre-Draft Consultation)
  • In writing to:

Kilkenny County Council Climate Action Plan Pre-Draft Consultation
Climate Action Coordinator
Kilkenny County Council
County Hall
John Street


Will there be other opportunities to input to the plan?

There will be a further opportunity for input into Kilkenny’s Climate Action Plan at the formal Public Consultation stage later this year when we circulate the Draft Plan for comment. If you would like to receive future updates on the Kilkenny County Council Climate Action Plan please let us know at  

Regarding submissions

Please be advised that submissions received may be published online. You should ensure that no vexatious, libellous or confidential information, including confidential information relating to a third party (in respect of which the third party has not, expressly, or impliedly in the circumstances, consented to its disclosure) is included in your submission.

Kilkenny County Council reserves the right to redact any submission, or part thereof, that does not comply with this requirement. Please be advised that the name of the person(s)/group(s) who made the submission may be published, but personal data will be redacted. This processing of your personal data is lawful under Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR Regulations.


What is the Kilkenny County Council Climate Action Plan?

The Kilkenny County Council Climate Action Plan (2024-2029) is a 5-year statutory plan which sets out how the Council will deliver on climate action within its areas of responsibility in the county. It will include evidence-based adaptation and mitigation measures and will strengthen the alignment between national climate policy and local climate action.

The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act, 2021 requires each local to prepare a Climate Action Plan. It enshrines the National Climate Objective to reduce the extent of further global warming and pursue and achieve, by no later than the end of 2050, the transition to a climate resilient, biodiversity rich, environmentally sustainable and climate neutral economy. The Amendment Act frames Ireland’s legally binding climate ambition of delivering a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 51% by 2030.

Kilkenny County Council is responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from across our own assets and infrastructure, undertaking initiatives which help the county to adapt to climate change, and also taking on the broader role of influencing and facilitating other sectors to meet their own targets.

What have we done to date

  • Established a Climate Action Team to lead and co-ordinate on climate action in the Council
  • Established a multi-disciplinary Climate Action Steering Committee in the Council
  • Commissioned a Climate Risk Assessment for Co. Kilkenny to identify the current and future risks posed by climate change
  • Commissioned a Baseline Emissions Inventory to identify and quantify the greenhouse gas emissions in the county
  • Commenced work on identifying a Decarbonisation Zone which will be a focus for a range of climate action measures that will contribute to achieving climate targets. 


Community Climate Action Fund

To find out more about a forthcoming funding programme for communities to undertake climate action projects and initiatives email  



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