Appendix 3 - Litter Enforcement Measures 2015-2017

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Litter Enforcement Measures 2015-2017






Anti-dumping Initiative (Phase 1)

Information campaign and door to door inspections at problematic laneways to tackle illegal dumping in the city centre. Installation of CCTV camera’s in litter black spots in the side streets of Kilkenny city and lay bye in rural area.


Generated a clearer understanding of household waste management practices.

Gathering of evidence for prosecution of offenders, increasing the awareness of the public of enforcement of litter laws.


Anti-dumping (Phase 2)

Installation of CCTV cameras in Kilkenny city at a bottle bank, cameras in Woodstock, Inistioge, in areas of ongoing dumping, clean up of the Duisk river in Graignamanagh.

CCTV cameras used to identify persons misusing bottle banks and discarding household waste at lands in and adjacent to Woodstock Gardens. Community involvement in the cleanup of the local environment- heightened awareness of litter and water pollution.



Joint initiative with stakeholders managing the M9 motor way to tackle illegal dumping and misuse of litter bins along the lay-bys.

CCTV cameras used to identify persons misusing litter bins and discarding household waste at lay-by



CCTV no dumping signs are issued on request to prevent littering in problematic areas


Signs distributed to community groups to combat litter in local areas


Daily litter patrols carried out

Investigation, identification and enforcement of litter offenders



Cleanest County Campaign

Campaign to encourage communities to provide info on litter black spots and offenders. Limited take up by communities



Door to door household waste survey

Generated a clearer understanding of household waste management practices



Use of covert cameras

Covert cameras used to identify offenders in litter black spots