3.0 Highlights of Previous Plan

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During the lifetime of the previous Litter Management Plan (2018-2020), significant resources were allocated to foster relationships with schools, community groups, tidy towns groups, the business sector and the general public who work with Kilkenny County Council in achieving the targets of the Litter Management Plan.

In the previous plan 35 actions were outlined to be completed during the plan period.  32 actions were completed and 3 remain incomplete.  These actions relating to litter bins and dog fouling will be discussed in Section 6.

3.1       Tidy Towns

Kilkenny Tidy Town Committees have a long tradition of participating in the Supervalu Tidy Towns Competitions.  There were 18 entrants in 2018 and 21 entrants in 2019.  These committees work tirelessly in enhancing the appearance of their towns and villages and contribute a sense of place in making Kilkenny an attractive place to live and work.  

Image; Tullahought Tidy Towns at the Regional Awards 2019

Kilkenny County Council supports Tidy Town Committees, including by organising workshops offering advice on issues such as waste prevention and biodiversity and the tidy towns forum continues to provide peer to peer support.  Financial assistance has become easier to access with the annual publication of Kilkenny’s County Council Grant Booklet which creates better awareness of what funding is available to community groups for local projects.

Table 3.1 Tidy Town Achievements 2019-2018


Tidy Town Group





Kilkenny City

342 Marks

Gold Medal, Regional Award Winner, County Award, Large Town Category/Regional Winner of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan Award



340 Marks

Gold Medal, Regional Award Winner, County Award



336 Marks

Silver Medal, Commended, Small Town Category/Regional Winner of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan Award



296 Marks

Endeavour Award


Kilkenny City


337 Marks

Gold Medal, Regional Award Winner, County Award, SE Winner Category of Water and Communities Award




332 Marks

Gold Medal, Regional Award Winner, County Award,



329 Marks

Silver Medal, Commended, Small Town Category/Regional Winner of the “Lets Get Buzzing LA Pollinator Award



272 Marks

Endeavour Award

3.2       Entente Floral

In 2018, Inistioge was nominated with Dungarvan, Co. Waterford to represent Ireland in the Entente Floral Europe competition. The aim of this European competition is to enhance horticulture, tourism, environmental awareness and to promote a greener and more pleasant environment in European towns and villages.  Inistioge was awarded the highest honour, a gold medal. 

3.3       Irish Business against Litter (I.B.A.L)

Established in 1996, Irish Business against Litter (IBAL) is an alliance of companies sharing a belief that continued economic prosperity is contingent on a clean, litter free environment.  The main objective of the League is to encourage improvement in local authority performance in tackling litter through publication of a league table for the participating towns/cities.


Kilkenny City is the only location in the county monitored by IBAL and the city and performs well in compared to other urban centres.  In 2019, it came 1st out of 40 and was classed “Cleaner than European Norms” and held its position in the 2020 mid-year league and came 1st overall in 2020, making it the 5th time to receive this national accolade.

3.4       Enforcement Achievements

Significant environmental enforcement measures were implemented during the last plan period with the assistance in investments in new technology including mobile tablets, additional closed-circuit television (CCTV) and, the deployment of a drone has enabled the Council’s enforcement team to investigate and gather more accurate data in respect of litter and illegal dumping which permits more effectively enforcement of litter pollution and waste management legislation.

Local Authorities are assisted by three Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authorities (WERLAs), that were established in 2015.  Kilkenny County Council is located in the Southern WERLA area. The WERLA offices have responsibility for coordinating waste enforcement actions within regions, setting priorities and common objectives for waste enforcement, and ensuring consistent enforcement of waste legislation.


Effective waste enforcement is essential in order to:

  • Protect human health and the environment
  • Address specific problems – e.g. illegal dumping
  • Give effect to policy objectives
  • Ensure a level playing field within the regulated waste     sector
  • Maintain the integrity of the regulatory system
  • Provide a deterrent effect


Kilkenny County Council sets out waste enforcement priorities annually in consultation with WERLA.  These are aligned with the National Priorities as set-out by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).  For example, 2020 enforcement priorities included tackling significant illegal waste activity focusing on illegal dumping, unauthorised operators and the enforcement of bye-laws requiring householders to demonstrate how their waste is managed.  

In 2018, the EPA overall grade for the RMCEI Return was ‘Excellent’ which was ahead of the national average result of ‘Above Target’.  Equally in the 2019 RMCEI Enforcement element of the Plan was awarded a rating of ‘High’ from a score range of High, Medium or Low which was retained in 2020.

3.5       Anti-Dumping Initiatives

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment commenced funding in 2017 towards community led anti-dumping initiatives aimed at restoring areas where there was persistent illegal dumping and provide funding to enhance enforcement surveillance.

Image; Kilkenny County Councils Enforcement Drone

In 2020, Kilkenny’s Enforcement Team was awarded €146,000 to complete 12 projects, permitting the clean-up of litter black spots and the purchase of surveillance equipment for bottle banks sites.  It also funded two community projects; a Bulky Furniture Amnesty Day that collected 55.5 tonnes of goods and the continuation of Bikes for Africa in conjunction with The Kilkenny Rotary Club.

In 2019, the Councils Waste Enforcement Team was awarded a grant of €145,637 to complete 11 Projects including the Pilot Scheme - Bikes for Africa, purchase of CCTV Cameras, the clean-up of Litter Black Spots, the purchase of a Survey Drone, the development of Brown Bin Information Leaflets for households and funding for a Bulky Furniture Amnesty Day, which resulted in 36 tonnes of materials sent for disposal and 10 tonnes of wood sent for composting.

In 2018, the Councils Waste Enforcement Team received €36,207 to eliminate 3 litter black spots, purchase mobile enforcement information technology including a drone and enhance CCTV surveillance at 10 Bottle Banks.  This also funded the Councils first Mattress Amnesty Day which resulted in the collection of 600 mattresses.

No photo description available.

Image; Advertisement for Mattress drop off Day


3.6       Introduction of the Waste Bye Laws

Kilkenny County Council adopted new Waste Management Bye-laws in January 2019.  They place an obligation on households to be able to demonstrate how they are disposing of their waste.

 Kilkenny County Council officials have carried out a number of door to door checks in a number of housing estates before the onset of Covid restrictions in 2020. Since then a new method of checks were developed via a specially designed app with an accompanying postcard that can be distributed to houses instead of face to face interactions at the doorstep.

The Bye Laws also assist Kilkenny County Council to tackle the problem of unauthorised waste collectors (i.e. the man in the van who typically disposes of waste indiscriminately).

3.7       Recycling Infrastructure Improvements

There are 46 bring centres in county Kilkenny.  In 2018, bottle bank containers were visually enhanced by new branding and overhead signage at banks are currently being replaced on a rolling basis.

In 2019 and 2020 CCTV capability was improved at some of the busier bring centres. 20 bring centres now have CCTV capability

Clothing banks became regulated better with the provision of a new contract, and as part of this new contract, a contribution of this revenue from the bring banks will be provided to three local charities annually.

Dunmore Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre continued to provide an excellent service and the facility in Grannagh supported by the Council provides a waste management service similar to Dunmore in south Kilkenny.  

Image of Bottle Bank Container

3.8       Green Schools

Kilkenny County Council participates in the Green Schools Programme.  The programme is operated and coordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce (FEE member for Ireland).  It promotes long-term, whole-school action for the environment.  

The theme for the first flag award is litter and waste, with subsequent environmental themes on a rolling two-year programme. This seven-step environmental programme is an excellent way for Kilkenny County Council to encourage environmental education among young people led by the Environmental Awareness Officer.  74 Kilkenny schools received the award since the programme began. 

In 2018, the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) - Local Authority Performance Indicator Report included an indicator for active green flag participation.  Kilkenny had 45.65% participation rate indicating that almost half of all schools in the county (primary and post primary) are actively engaged in the programme.

3.9       The National Spring Clean

The National Spring Clean is organised by An Taisce every April. The campaign encourages communities to complete local clean-ups. Kilkenny County Council assists in the promotion and advertising of the event, provides materials (gloves, refuse sacks and litter pickers) and co-ordinates the removal and disposal of waste gathered by litter picking volunteers.

 Image; Sarah McGovern, An Taisce Ambassador launching the National Spring Clean in Kilkenny City

3.10    Litter Campaigns

Kilkenny County Council continues to roll out anti-litter campaigns, often in collaboration with neighbouring counties.  In 2018 and 2020 a regional campaign to combat roadside litter was completed in conjunction with neighbouring local authorities.  In 2018, the “Poop Off Our Pavements” and in 2020 clusters of advertising were completed in local & social media during the Covid lock down period in response to the elevated levels of discarded PPE and the increase number of dog fouling complaints. 







     Image; Regional Roadside Litter Campaign Advert