11.10.1 Electric Vehicles

Dúnta22 Nol, 2020, 09:00 - 12 Már, 2021, 17:00
​​​​​​11.10.1 Electric Vehicles

The carbon emissions relating to the powering of electric vehicles19 is expected to reduce significantly by 2030, through the adoption of electrical generating renewable technologies and more efficient generating plant and Smart Grid technology. A target of  1m passenger electric vehicles in the Climate Action Plan by 2030. Electric Vehicle Development in Kilkenny

ESB networks (ESBn) currently operate the electric vehicle network in Kilkenny and Countrywide. Many homes and business already have e- chargers fitted since 2016.  The ESBn is responsible for the rollout of EV charging points across the country with 3 types of charge points being installed by ‘ESB ecars’ nationwide, being

  • home charge points,
  • public charge points and
  • fast charge points.

Kilkenny City & County Council have purchased some electric vehicles and support the role out of the EV charging network. Electric Vehicle Potential in Kilkenny

The Council supports the expansion of the EV charging network in Waterford in conjunction with the ESB and will seek to require the installation of additional public charge points as part of car-parking facilities of private developments through its Development Management Requirements for car-parking as set out in the City & County Development Plan (as varied).

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