13.13.2 Apartment Sizes

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13.13.2  Apartment Sizes

Apartment sizes and dimensions shall comply with the sizes set out in the Design Standards for new Apartments, Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2018. The following minimum floor areas shall apply to all new apartments:

Table 13.1: Minimum Overall Floor Areas for Apartments

Apartment Type


Minimum Floor Area

Studio Apartment          (1 person)

37 sq.m

One bedroom                    (2persons)

45 sq.m

Two bedrooms                 (3 persons)

63 sq.m

Two bedrooms                 (4 persons)

73 sq.m

Three Bedrooms             (4 persons)

90 sq.m

Three bedrooms               (5 persons)

99 sq.m

The floor area parameters set out in Policy 3 above shall generally apply to apartment schemes and do not apply to purpose-built and managed student housing. In relation to social housing, or purpose-built housing for older people it is considered necessary that these guidelines would also make provision for a two-bedroom apartment to accommodate 3 persons or more.

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