Storage Areas and Communal Facilities

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13.13.5 Storage Areas and Communal Facilities

Provision should be made in apartments for general storage areas (additional to minimum kitchen presses, bedroom furniture and hot presses) for bulky items such a child’s buggy, a suitcase, sport equipment etc.  As a rule, no individual storage room within an apartment should exceed 3.5 sq. metres.

Table 13.4: Minimum storage space requirements for apartments

Apartment Type


Minimum Apartment Storage Space Required*


3 sq. m

One bedroom

3 sq. m

Two bedrooms (3 person)

5 sq. m

Two bedrooms (4 person)

6 sq. m

Three or more bedrooms

9 sq. m

*In addition to these minimum requirements the Planning Authority will seek adequate storage for items such as bicycles buggies and other bulky items to be available to apartments within any individual scheme.


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