9.2.8 Peatlands

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9.2.8 Peatlands

Peatlands are important ecosystems sustaining a range of animal and plant species.  The distribution of peatland in Kilkenny is shown on Figure 9.3.  Industrial extraction of peat for energy and horticulture in Kilkenny is limited to a small area in the northwest of the county, adjacent to the Tipperary county boundary.  Damage to peatlands can occur from domestic peat extraction, afforestation, wind farms, recreational activities and invasive species.  Peatlands may contain archaeological artefacts.  The National Peatland Strategy[1] guides peatland management and conservation.

The Council will protect peatlands from inappropriate development having regard to their amenity and biodiversity value and their visual sensitivity.


[1] Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, National Peatland Strategy, 2015

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