Proposed Variation 2c

Change zoning objective from ‘Community Facilities’ to ‘Existing Residential’ at St Josephs’ Road, Kilkenny City


It is proposed to change the zoning objective for a site at St Joseph’s Road from ‘Community Facilities’ to ‘Existing Residential’. See map attached.  This change is to support Housing actions under Construction 2020[1], Social Housing Strategy 2020[2] and Rebuilding Ireland – An Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness[3] 2016. 

Proposed Variation 2c Zoning at St Josephs Road

[1] Government of Ireland, Construction 2020, A Strategy for a Renewed Construction Sector  2014

[2] Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, Social Housing Strategy 2020, Support, Supply and Reform, 2014

[3] Government of Ireland, Rebuilding Ireland – An Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness, 2016

Rezoning of St Joseph's Rd
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Rezoning at St Jospeph's Road
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