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Thomastown Community Network

2 Housing/Settlement Strategy

2. Housing and Settlement Strategy

• How do we ensure sustainable patterns of settlements and employment:

The development plan should be open to live-work proposals and any other manifestation of home-based businesses, especially within established towns and villages.

• Is there a settlement that could absorb more development?: There is a great demand for housing in Thomastown. Both for sale and rental. The area around Thomastown should be studied and zoned accordingly for high/low density.

• Density zoning is worth considering to help reduce sprawl and to encourage vibrant town centers. The development plan should be open to co-housing (housing co-op) developments.

• Should estates be phased?: phasing of a very large estate could help the town absorb the new citizens more effectively, ie. The schools’ enrollment could be better addressed instead of a large influx all at once. Theoretically, the first phase has a chance to develop a sense of community that could hopefully be extended to each new phase instead of one large mass all moving into an anonymous estate all at the same time.

• There is potential for smaller units for student rental or shared accommodation

• Cater for existing schools/education centres (School of Food, Grennan Craft School, Pottery Skills Schools, Wine Academy Language school, Grennan Equestrian school, Thomastown Community Kindergarten, St Marys Primary school, Grennan College).

• Key Development Areas of LAP to be reviewed.

• Address existing housing stock which is in disrepair/unused. Possibility of penalties.

• Utilise exist in housing stock.

• Develop living over shops in town centre.

• New developments to be of quality housing.

• Accessible housing

• Small cluster groups with a mix of housing type.

• Contemporary aesthetics referencing the Rural context

• Use of shared renewable resources for cluster group housing

• Cooperative type of housing

• Urban experience to be enhanced

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