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Thomastown Community Network

6 Environment and Climate Change

6. Environment and Climate Change

• Flooding

Referred to the flood risk assessments submitted by the Thomastown Community to the OPW.

Refer to the survey done by river Nore Vision.

Proposal to enforce a fenced off and protected green belt corridor on either side of the river banks.

• There should be flood warning and flood resilience community groups set up in areas prone to flooding. This was promised as part of the OPW proposals to deal with flooding and there has been no progress since.

• The OPW plans for flood relief on the Nore are primarily focused on hard engineering solutions. Most experts now accept that soft engineering solutions, reversing previous drainage and planting trees are a better long-term strategy to mitigate flooding and we feel that these options should also be utilised in any plan. There should be real consultation and partnership with local communities.

• A recent Teagasc report show that Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from Irish agriculture are projected to increase by 9% relative to levels recorded in 2005 by 2030. This doesn’t bode well for Ireland’s commitment at EU level to reduce overall GHG emissions by 20% by 2020 and 30% by 2030, relative to the 2005 level. We can combine our efforts to mitigate flooding, reduce agriculture pollution and river bank erosion, reduce GHG emissions and reduce EU penalties by planting buffer strips along our waterways and compensating landowners for the set-aside. This will also create a wildlife corridor and help promote eco tourism.

• In short, we need to change totally our approach to all of these themes.

• No new development should be at the expense of either the built or natural environment. No stone walls, structures, or existing trees to be removed for new development without consulting the local community.

• Thomastown to be considered for the location of solar farms. These to be placed in appropriate locations and to meet the electrical demands of the town. 

• There needs to be an overarching body to coordinate the Nore and ALL its catchment areas to properly address flooding, invasive species, etc.

• Similar to the existing wind mapping, a solar study should be carried out over the county to identify the best locations for solar farms.

• Pollution concerns: black smoke, burning trash?

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