It appears, no mention anywhere in document of the presence of the 3rd Infantry Battalion of the Defence Forces and James Stephens Barracks in the document.

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Philip Brennan

4. Heritage Strategy

Notwithstanding that the Defence Forces in Kilkenny City are one of the biggest employers of young men and women in the city, county and the South East, and significant contributors to emergency management and response, and that the barracks has been increasingly over recent years been opened to the public during events (Arts Week, Pieta House), the barracks, called after one of Ireland's best known patriots,  was founded in Napoleonic times, and in response to events in Europe, from where many soldiers were deployed to fight in those wars and subsequently in the Zulu Wars and World War 1 (which is captured throughout the city). Today soldiers from the Barracks serve in UN mandated missions all over the world.