Request for expansion of Neighbourhood Centre zoning to include the permitted Newpark Primary Care Centre

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
LOU INVESTMENTS Healthcare Kilkenny Limited in partnership with Westcourt

6. Kilkenny City: Placemaking

Our clients welcome the publication of the Draft Kilkenny City and County Development Plan and in particular, the acknowledgement within Section 6: Placemaking of the permitted Primary Care Centre (Kilkenny County Council Planning Ref: 18/59), currently under construction at Newpark.
The Planning Authority will be aware that at the time the scheme was permitted, the decision represented a material contravention of the Kilkenny County Plan 2014 – 2020, as the subject lands were zoned as Amenity / Green links/Biodiversity conservation/ Open Space/Recreation with the objective of allowing for green links and biodiversity conservation and to preserve, provide and improve recreational open space.
We note from reviewing the zoning map associated with draft Development Plan (See Figure 1.2) that the existing Amenity zoning designation has been maintained on these lands. We are requesting that the Planning Authority rezone the lands associated with the Primary Care Centre in order to better reflect the medical use and to allow for future flexibility in terms of planning applications.

Main opinion: 

Current amenity zoning associated with permitted Primary Care centre site is inappropriate.

Main requests: 

Expansion of Newpark Neighbourhood Centre Zoning.

Main reasons: 

To allow for the proper planning and sustainable development of the Primary Care Centre site.

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