Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Mary Kelly

7. Infrastructure and Environment

Rath Ullórd, which is located at the outer urban edge of Kilkenny City and presents as an attractive low density residential area adjoining the outer boundary of the City (N77 Ring Road) makes it ideal for low density housing while maintaining a convenient proximity to Kilkenny city. The best of both worlds, which is the very reason we purchased our home here.

The proposed change to zoning as outlined in the draft development plan for the coming years contravenes elements in the current plan which added to the attraction of Rath Ullórd. To disregard these elements of the plan at this stage when the development is still ongoing undermines the residents and what they were sold.

Appendix B, Housing strategy, Section 6.5 states …important that private households are able to find a range of opportunities to express their lifestyle needs through housing within the City’s boundaries and town and villages and not only through one-off rural housing.

This was a key factor in our decision as a family to move from the country to be closer to town. We wanted to maintain as much as possible the advantages of rural life while being closer to town and Rath Ullórd, as it was sold, promised to do this.

A change to the zoning and increased density proposed for Rath Ullórd will negatively impact the surrounding area. I would like to see a combination of continued low density housing with amenities adjacent which would be in keeping with what the current residents of Rath Ullórd bought into.

Fiafraigh / freagra a thabhairt ar cheist nó faisnéis a bhaineann leis an observation seo a roinnt.