Zoning changes to correctly locate Leisure & Sports facilities.

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Alex Wilsdon Jnr

2. Core Strategy

In recent years there has been a noted increase in the use of lands in employment zonings for activities in the leisure sector - Gyms, Play Centres, sports clubs etc. 

Kilkenny City now has many such businesses located on lands with zonings such as Business Park,  Industrial & Warehousing & Agri Business. This mix of activities poses some issues for parking, traffic & mixing of leisure users with active buisnesses. 

The incompatibility of these uses will be exacerbated with the promotoion of walking & cycling and the mixing of these modes with heavy traffic for the other busineeses in these areas. 

The draft plan should address this deficiency by providing more appropriate locations for these activities which have specific charaterisitics that differ or conflict with other buisnesses. 

The zoning objectives should more accurately prescribe appropraite locations for such businesses perhaps nearer to the residential areas that the users travel from.  



Main opinion: 

Provide more appropriate zoning for Leisure & Sports based developments.

Main requests: 

Revise zoning objectives to direct Leisure & Sports to more appropriate zonings.

Main reasons: 

Avoid inappropriate uses in Business & Industrial zones