To promote the development of arts and culture and the opportunity for people to participate, create and engage with arts and culture across the city and county.

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9. Heritage and Culture

9. Heritage and Culture  

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to promote the development of arts and culture and the opportunity for people to participate, create and engage with arts and culture across the city and county. 

9.5.1 Arts Organisations

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Kilkenny’s cultural and arts organisations span a diverse breadth of disciplines and activity. Within the city this includes Barnstorm Theatre Company, Lighthouse Studios, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Arts Festival, National Craft Gallery, Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, Savour Food Festival, Kilkenomics, the Arts Office on Dean Street, Young Irish Filmmakers, Devious Theatre Company, Open Circle, Music in Kilkenny and Cartoon Saloon. 

Creative community engagement process has been significant in the renewal of Callan,  Thomastown and Graignemanagh. 

Callan is a hub of artistic practice including organisations KCAT Arts Centre, Equinox Theatre Company, Fennelly’s of Callan, Monkeyshine Theatre, Asylum Productions, Tony O’Malley Residency, Trasna Productions and Workhouse Union. 

Thomastown is a craft hub with organisations including Grennan Mill Craft School and Design & Crafts Council Ireland's Ceramic Skills and Design Training Course.

In Castlecomer, The Discovery Park is a hub for craft makers and The Artist in the Shop initiative is a new positive initiative.

Several unique cultural amenities are located rurally including Ballykeeffee Amphitheatre and Castalia Hall. All of these fulfil important roles within the arts and cultural development of the county and have raised its profile nationally and internationally. The support of existing organisations, individual artistic practice and creative industries is crucial. Cultural activity attracts further complementary industry to locate and relocate to specific regions. 

9.5.2 Arts Infrastructure 

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Kilkenny is served by a selection of general venue, performance and exhibition spaces (see above).

The council’s commitment to supporting arts infrastructure is in line with the Arts Council’s Making Great Art Work Strategy - facilitating artists to make excellent work that is enjoyed, valued. Enabling more people to enjoy high-quality arts experiences.


Strategic Objective:

Support the development of art infrastructure county-wide, with a particular focus on arts participation, supporting communities of place and interest to develop cultural and artistic activity.


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