Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Vanessa Liston

2.5 Strategic Objectives

Carbon emission reduction targets

Objective 2H  states that the Plan aims to 'achieve the commitment under the European Climate Alliance to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent every 5 years'. This objective should aim to align with the national target of 7% reduction per annum. It also does not state across what areas this objective will be measured. The objective should be updated to be clearer in this regard.

Objective 2G  states that it is the aim of the Council to 'reduce energy related CO2 emissions of Kilkenny County Council' but it does not state by how much or by when. The objective should be updated to be more specific in these terms. 


Some industries are particularly intense carbon emitters. These include the building and cement industries. The Draft Plan is an opportunity to include a policy on pursuing low carbon and sustainable materials for development achieving policy coherence across all aspects of Local Government activities and investments. There are examples and a large body of work on opportunities in developing with low carbon cement, built in rainwater harvesters, wooden frames and other sustainable materials.

Decarbonisation zones

The Draft Plan should include an objective to build on the outcomes and learnings from the new decarbonisation zones pilots.

New methodologies
New methodologies are being developed and the Plan should spotlight the need to incorporate new learnings and methodologies for continuous improvement and achievement of targets. The Plan should set a specific objective to incorporate new methodologies, data and insights as they become available and to use this to actively adapt actions to achieving our climate, biodiversity recovery and land protection targets.


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