Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Bord na Móna

10.1.8 Water Quality

We welcome the Councils strategic objective with respect to the Water Framework, in particular:

10.1.8 Water Framework Objective: 10B

It is an objective of the plan to implement the measures of the River Basin Management Plan, including continuing to work with communities thought the Local Authority Waters Programme to restore and improve water quality in the identified areas of action.


Peatland rehabilitation and re-wetting also has other ecosystem service benefits, including to water quality of the downstream catchments.   The decision of Bord na Móna to cease peat extraction in the Littleton Bog area supports the goals and objectives of both the National River Basin Management Plan (Water Framework Directive) and the NoreVision Project.  While Knockahaw Bog is in Tipperary, bog restoration at this site indirectly supports the NoreVision Project, as this is partially in the River Noe catchment.  Bog restoration at Knockahaw was completed in 2018. 

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