Submission seeking the exclusion of lands at Nyne Park from the RZLT maps

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Cairn Homes

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Works commenced on the site Q4, 2022. Consequently, we anticipate that the site will be fully developed by Q1, 2024 and therefore will be exempt from the RZLT. In this regard as the site will be out of scope, we request that it is omitted from the RZLT mapping.

Land Parcel ID as highlighted in OSI GeoHive are:

  • KKLA00000329 (Partly)
  • KKLA00000465
  • KKLA00000198 (Partly)
  • KKLA00000668
  • KKLA00000199 (Partly)

Please find attached aerial photographs taken in early December, 2022 which indicates progress on the development of the site to date.