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Kilkenny County Council

Draft Map 1: Kilkenny City

Strategic Reserve Lands: The following sites have been zoned "Strategic Reserve" in the recent development plan but the justification for doing so is unclear. It has been suggested by others that the council has attempted to use strategic reserve as a shelter from the Residential Zoned Land Tax for these specific sites without there being any planning merit in doing so. These cases need to be reviewed as part of the RZLT process.

Glendine The lands here were the subject of an expired planning permission for a housing development and have recently been zoned strategic reserve - however this zoning allows for development in certain circumstances and the planning history should make the site in scope for the RZLT given that no impediments to development exist. The inclusion of such a site in the strategic reserve zoning at development plan stage is highly irregular and questionable given its location contiguous to existing built up areas.

Loughmacask Land here zoned strategic reserve is an anomaly given its location contiguous to existing housing & that planning has been granted on a majority of the site for the new CBS school. It is is not credible that land can be suitable for a school development but not yet suitable for housing development.

Newtown / New Orchard Road The land here is serviced and located inside the nearly complete Rath Ullord development. No reason exists for this land to be in strategic reserve and the reduction of residential land in the area by de-zoning a nearby block of land to agriculture has not been made up.

Strategic Reserve is supposed to apply to lands awaiting services or in peripheral locations but for some reason Kilkenny Co Co. have applied it to lands that are fully enclosed or adjacent to existing developments as outlined in the 3 cases above. If housing delivery is a priority then these lands cannot be overlooked for rezoning & land activation measures such as the RZLT.

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