10.0 Conclusion

closeddate_range8 Mar, 2021, 9:00am - 5 Apr, 2021, 5:00pm

Litter detracts from the beauty of our county, its presence creates a negative impression on an area which impacts on individuals, tourism and investment in the county.

Kilkenny tourism industry is critical to the county’s economy and we must uphold our reputation as being a city which is pleasant to visit and a county worth exploring.  As the county’s tourism strategy seeks increased bed stays and encourage tourists to go beyond the city limits to enjoy rural tourism destinations, we must ensure the city’s high regard is mirrored throughout the county.

While Kilkenny County Council plays a very important role in litter prevention and control, the continued co-operation of local communities, business associations and the general public cannot be underestimated and it is vital to its success.  Kilkenny has brilliant communities which are active in keeping their local areas litter free and these will be continued to be supported by Kilkenny County Council.

As individuals we must take responsibility for our own role in the prevention of litter. By doing so, more monies, which are currently spent on litter removal and disposal, could be spent in alternative functional areas such as housing and parks. Ultimately it is a collective responsibility of all people living, working and visiting the county to act responsibly to protect our environment for now and future generations.