Draft Litter Management Plan 2024-2026

Closed19 Feb, 2024, 9:00am - 15 Mar, 2024, 5:00pm

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The Litter Management Plan 2024-2026 replaces the existing Litter Management Plan 2021-2023. This plan outlines targets and objectives for tackling the problem of litter pollution and sets out to achieve quantifiable improvements in the prevention of litter, with the following objectives:

• Prevent and control litter pollution throughout Kilkenny City and County;

• Eliminate litter black spots;

• Continue to develop education and awareness programmes in association with schools and local communities;

• Support new legislation, initiatives and actions that arise (e.g. contained in the recently published National Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy); and

• Ensure rigorous enforcement mechanisms are in place.

This Litter Management Plan builds on the outcomes of previous plans and other initiatives implemented.

In a national and local context, litter continues to be a challenge. Emphasis must be placed on reduction of litter and its effective management.  The Council acknowledges that while the primary enforcement response must come from Kilkenny County Council, a collaborative approach with all society sectors is required, with individuals taking personal responsibility for their actions being critical in order to tackle litter successfully.

This Plan outlines objectives and actions for the next three years in relation to litter prevention, litter control and education and awareness. An annual progress report will be submitted to the Council for consideration as set out in the regulations.  The Litter Management Plan will be available on the Council’s website, www.kilkennycoco.ie.

Submissions deadline is Friday 15th March at 5pm.

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