03. The Vision for Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch

Closeddate_range20 Nov, 2020, 9:00am - 25 Jan, 2021, 5:00pm

3.0 The Vision for Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch


The preparation and formulation of the Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch Draft Joint Local Area Plan is underpinned by the following development principles;


The Draft Joint Local Area Plan for Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch is underpinned by a Strategic Vision which is intended to guide the future growth of the settlement in a sustainable manner, recognising its natural and built assets, and enhancing the character, heritage amenities of the settlement.

A pre-draft public consultation period was held from the 16th October to the 22nd November 2019 during this time members of the public were invited to submit submissions and observations. The issues raised during the public consultation period were primarily associated with the consolidation of Graiguenamanagh and Tinnahinch as a settlement, public realm improvements, development of the tourism industry and increased car parking. 

The Strategic Vision is based on issues raised during the pre-draft public consultation period, detailed analysis of the profile, functions and activities of Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch in line with its position in its respective County’s Settlement Hierarchy: 

 ‘This Joint Local Area Plan will promote population growth of Graiguenamanagh and Tinnahinch, reversing the recent trends of population decline. The plan envisages a consolidated town centre with enhanced east-west connections for pedestrians and cyclists, combined with a range of traffic management proposals which will improve accessibility to and vitality of the consolidated town centre. The Plan will encourage job creation by capitalising on local strengths, including the towns’ unique setting, natural and built heritage and by enhancing the interface with the River Barrow, thereby supporting opportunities to sustainably exploit the river as a visual, recreational and tourism amenity. Development will be encouraged in a sustainable manner that promotes a healthy environment and healthy living and improved public spaces, while protecting the unique built and natural heritage of the settlement.’


The strategic objectives set out below set parameters and mechanisms which will drive the Draft Joint Local Area Plan towards achieving the vision for the town during the Plan period and beyond. The Strategic Vision, principles and objectives are expanded upon in the specific objectives and actions contained throughout this Plan.

SO1:To provide for the proportionate growth of Graiguenamanagh to achieve a target of 1.5% of the County Kilkenny’s population over the lifetime of the Plan and Tinnahinch to maintain at a minimum 0.80% of County Carlow’s population allocation in accordance with the respective County Development Plan Settlement Strategies and any reviews thereto.

SO2: To promote and support the economic development of Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch that capitalises on its location on the River Barrow, with the heritage and tourism assets being identified as key economic strengths for the settlements.   

SO3: To facilitate the development of high quality, integrated neighbourhoods that cater for an appropriate demographic mix and deliver, where possible, community, recreation and amenity facilities in tandem with housing to be encouraged through new development.

SO4: To support the creation and enhancement of a network of pedestrian walkways, footbridges and open spaces connecting the River Barrow and other recreational and tourist attractions within the settlement.

SO5: To improve permeability, accessibility and mobility throughout the town of Graiguenamanagh 

S06: To improve pedestrian and cycling mobility across the river Barrow between Graiguenamanagh and Tinnahinch so as to ensure ease of access to services and amenities.  

SO7: To enhance and protect the built and natural heritage of the settlement by promoting the enhancement, management and understanding of these assets whilst encouraging sensitive and sustainable development so as to ensure its survival for future generations.

SO8: To improve the quality of the existing transport network in particular pedestrian connections in the settlement to increase permeability and connectivity in order to provide universal access to key land uses such as community facilities, including schools and sports clubs, and new and existing development lands.

SO9: To phase future growth in line with the capacity of supporting physical infrastructure and to ensure that it occurs in accordance with proper planning and sustainable development.

SO10: To ensure development proposals conform to best practice urban design principles to deliver well planned and integrated development including renewal regeneration that will enhance the settlement and improve the quality of life of its residents.

SO11: To encourage and facilitate regeneration and renewal of existing properties within the settlement to improve place making and quality of life throughout the town together with providing rejuvenation of the town centre with an improved public realm.  

SO12: To phase new development as appropriate to ensure that it occurs in an orderly and efficient manner in accordance with proper planning and sustainable development.