Notice of registration of Lismaine Quarry

Closed22 Nov, 2023, 9:00am - 22 Dec, 2023, 5:00pm

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Note on submissions: The Planning Authority wish to clarify that this is a live planning file, reference QY30, dealing with an ongoing process of registering a quarry. In this instance, we have also enabled the making of submissions on this file to this ( website.   The official repository for this file is the Planning register, available for public inspection at the Planning public counter during opening hours. All submissions are available on the file. 

Kilkenny County Council

NOTICE OF REGISTRATION OF QUARRIES UNDER Section 261 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 as amended.

In accordance with Section 261 (4) of the Planning & Development Act 2000, as amended, Kilkenny County Council hereby gives notice that the following quarry has been registered in accordance with Section 261(3) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended.

Name and address of Quarry:

Lismaine Quarry, Co. Kilkenny


Don O’Regan & Donie O’Regan

Planning permission has not been granted for the quarry.

The Planning Authority is considering imposing conditions on the operation of the quarry in accordance with Section 261 (6)(a)(i) (i.e. in relation to  a quarry which commenced operation before 1st Oct  1964) or considering requiring the making of a planning application and the preparation of an environmental  impact assessment report in respect of the quarry in accordance with section 261 (7).

The Planning Register, which gives details of this quarry, may be inspected at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny from 9am to 4 pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays, or online at:

KCC - Search Planning Applications (

Submissions or observations regarding the operation of the above quarry may be made to the Planning Authority with 4 weeks from the date of this notice and should be addressed to the Planning Department, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny.

Submissions may also be made on this website by clicking "Make a submission". 

Sean McKeown,

Director of Services

24th November 2023