Part 8 Consultation - Housing Development at Donaguile, Castlecomer

Closed21 Jul, 2017, 8:00am - 15 Sep, 2017, 5:00pm

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Construction of 33 housing units at Donaguile, Castlecomer.
The proposed development will consist of the construction of 33 new dwellings and associated site works on a 1.143 Hectare site at Barrack Street Castlecomer County Kilkenny.

The proposed development comprises:

8no 3 bedroom / 4 person houses,

5no 2 bedroom / 4 person houses,

4no 3 bedroom / 6 person houses,

2no 4 bedroom / 7 person houses,

5no 1 bedroom / 2 person ground floor apartments,

1no 1 bedroom / 2 person first floor apartment,

4no 2 bedroom / 3 person first floor apartments,

2no 2 bedroom / 3 person ground floor apartments,

2no 1 bedroom / 2 person accessible ground floor apartments.

A single vehicular access point to the proposed development is proposed along the existing site frontage along Barrack Street (Old Ballyragget Road). The proposed development is organised in 4no two storey stepped terraces with shared open play / amenity areas to west and east of the site, on-street parking, pathways, and landscaping augmenting the existing mature tree planting.

The unit typology and sizes are based on the family make up of those on the approved housing list who have expressed a preference to live in the area.


Castlecomer - Approved Housing Applicants - as at July 2017  

1st Preference
1 bed  20

2 bed  15

3 bed 19

4 bed  1

Total Families 55

All Preferences

1 bed 50

2 bed 34

3 bed 34

4 bed 6

Total Families - 124 (i.e. all families needing rehousing who want to live in Castlcomer)


In November 2014, the Government launched the ‘Social Housing Strategy 2015-2020: Support, Supply and Reform’

The stated vision of the Strategy is that every household will have access to secure, good quality housing, suited to their needs, at an affordable price in a sustainable community.

This strategy was further supplemented by ‘Rebuilding Ireland – Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness’ . This project is an action by Kilkenny County Council under Pillar 2 of this Action Plan – ‘accelerate social housing’.

As part of the above national strategies, Kilkenny County Council prepared a local strategy for the years 2015-2017, identifying a number of key sites for the delivery of social housing units. The site in this brief is one of those key sites. It is close to Castlecomer town centre and all services and amenities.

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