Proposed Variation 1 to the Kilkenny City and County Development Plan 2021

Closed4 Oct, 2023, 9:00am - 1 Nov, 2023, 5:00pm

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Proposed Variation No.1 to the Kilkenny City & County Development Plan 2021

In accordance with Section 13(3) of the Planning & Development Act 2000, as amended, notice is hereby given that Kilkenny County Council is proposing a Variation to the Kilkenny City & County Development Plan 2021.

Variation No. 1 to the Kilkenny City and Environs Development Plan proposes:

To change the zoning of:

  1. An area of approx. 0.6 hectares at Aut Even Farm, Freshford Road, Kilkenny City from ‘Existing Residential’ to ‘Agriculture’, to reflect the existing use, and align the zoning with the remainder of the agricultural enterprise.
  2.  An area of 0.2 hectares at Bleach Road, Kilkenny City from ‘Existing Residential’ to ‘Amenity/Green Links/Biodiversity conservation/open space and recreation’ to align with the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment recommendations for the site. A site specific objective, Z17, will be included on the zoning map, as follows; Z17 Any application for residential development at this location can include consideration for the provision of the private, or semi-private, open space in the open space zoning, subject to a Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment.

The reason for the proposed Variation is to amend the zoning on two sites to ensure appropriate application of the Residential Zoned Land Tax, as introduced under Section 80 of the Finance Act, 2021. 

A copy of the Proposed Variation, including Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening report and Appropriate Assessment (AA) Screening Report, may be inspected at the following locations for a 4 week period from 4th October to the 1st November 2023.   

  • Online at 
  • The Planning Department, Kilkenny County Council, John Street, Kilkenny during office opening hours

Written submissions or observations with respect to the proposed Variation, SEA and AA Screening Reports made to the Planning Authority within this period will be taken into consideration before the making of the Variation.  All submissions should be clearly marked ‘Variation No 1’. 

Submissions can be made

Please note that all submissions will be made available for public viewing on the Council’s consultation website.  Kilkenny County Council will treat all personal data you give us as confidential. We will retain your data for no longer than is necessary for the purpose of this Variation and in accordance with the Council’s Retention Policy and the relevant Data Protection legislation.

Submissions must be received by the Planning Authority by 5pm on 1st November 2023. 

Sean McKeown,

Director of Services

Date: 4th October 2023

View City and County Development Plan 2021 here: