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5 Transportation and Mobility

5. Transportation & Mobility

• There is a linear transport system is in place between Kilkenny and Waterford.

• Proposed loop link, using electric vehicles/mini buses, between the other district towns such as Graiguenamanagh and Callan and the small towns and villages. To be utilised by tourists and locals.

• Train : Only train station stop between Kilkenny and Waterford. Should be more utilised. Transport required from station to town centre for elderly and disabled - Electric Vehicle.

• Railway station to be reopened and utilized as a celebrated entry point into Thomastown.

• Encourage the general use of electric vehicles. 2 charging points exist in the Quay car park.

• Bus : Proposed new electric mini bus service between Kilkenny and Thomastown and surrounding towns for tourists, students and the elderly.

• Tourist buses – to encourage smaller tailor-made package type for tourist visits as opposed tourist coaches/buses.

• Cycling – Trail Kilkenny Cycle routes.

• Walking: currently working of 2 Community Loop walks.

• Refer to the Walkability Study, (Age Friendly Committee, Kilkenny County Council) May 2018.

• Encourage visitor, residents and shopkeepers to utilise the existing free parking in the Quay carpark, Chapel Lane, the Library parking & Mill Street,

• Current status of the bypass requested.

• Beware of falling into the trap of trying to build more roads to reduce commuter congestion. It has been shown around the world that when more roads and lanes are added to help reduce congestion it only broadens the commuter belt and the new roads and lanes are soon just as congested. This is not necessarily a major problem in Kilkenny now but something to be considered. This goes hand in hand with rural development.

• Something like a “carpool Kilkenny” website could help provide a more sustainable alternative for commuters.

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