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Thomastown Community Network

8 Urban and Architectural Design

8. Urban and Architectural Design

• Adhere to the bylaws of Special Area of Conservation - Protection, signage etc.

• Completion of Thomastown Urban Renewable Plan – Thomastown has a unique medieval square town layout/plan type. It is currently re-presented as a linear town layout, with emphasis on Market Street only. Logan & Low Street need to be upgraded to the standard of Market Street to complete this unique town plan type.

• Derelict buildings in town to be addressed,

• Encourage the restoration & re-use of empty/abandoned buildings.

• Old SuperValu - Private Ownership

Thomas town Community Centre – Old Sports Hall re-use - In progress

Sessions house - Council owned.

• Castles requiring protection/attention : Grennan Castle - Requires protection from animal grazing/public access with protective fencing

Sweetman’s Castle – in a state of disrepair.

Dysart Castle – threatened.

• Public facilities encouraged to remain in town centre eg Library, Public Toilet, Post office, Supermarkets, Medical centres, Pre-schools and Crèches.

• Renewable technologies to be utilised for all restoration and new building work.

• New architectural design to be of high quality - Encourage the use of contemporary design, referencing the Irish Rural context while utilising renewable technologies.

• The rural design guide should just include the actual requirements for sight lines instead of referencing the road design manual.

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