Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Thomastown Community Network

11 Landscape, Heritage and Green Infrastructure

11. Landscape, Heritage and Green Infrastructure

• Areas of Special Protection - to be protected and enhanced.

• River and its banks protected with a green / fenced off corridor either side of the River.

• Proposed that all spraying of chemicals to be banned by Kilkenny Council (in line with Dublin City Council).

• Biodiversity/Pollinator sites to be increased & protected.

• No trees to be cut down or green areas lost without consulting local community.

• Heritage:

Existing stock restored/reused

Sessions House - re-use as Community facility

Castles requiring protection/attention :

Grennan Castle - Requires protection from animal grazing/public access with protective fencing

Sweetman’s Castle - derelict unprotected

Dysart Castle - threatened

All existing stone walls and structures to be protected from new development.

Integrity of the Normal Walled layout to be protected

Fiafraigh / freagra a thabhairt ar cheist nó faisnéis a bhaineann leis an observation seo a roinnt.