Suitable Plan for New Orchard Area - specifically use of Rath Ullord Undeveloped Space

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Maurice Murphy

6. Housing and Community

Strategic Aim: To develop and support vibrant sustainable communities in an attractive living and working environment where people can live, work and enjoy a high quality of life, with access to a wide range of community facilities and amenities, while ensuring coordinated investment in infrastructure that will support economic competitiveness.

Rath Ullord has been heavily developed in revent years and will continue to be. It remains an attractive Low Density area but the Proposed Plan endangers that. Specifically the potential change of the Undeveloped Space adjacent to the main road and entrance, which affords the neighbourhood an excellent opportunity to improve the ability of people to live, work and enjoy a high quality of life, improve the community facilities and amenities and yet offer an economic opportunity for local businesses and workers.

I would propose the following for Rath Ullord but it should also be on the list for any new development.

  • Creation of a retail unit as was initially planned for which will ensure easy access to a shop rather than a drive or 15 minute walk. To go for a litre of milk my only alternative is to go to the local off licence! No community should have an Off Licence as it's nearest retai outlet.
  • Creation of a Working Hub to allow New Orchard residents to work from home in a social environment which is essential and will remain so post covid. This will build up social spirit within the community and bring income to the local economy. 
  • A dedicated green space for children to play games, have a puck around and safely exercise away from a busy road. This would Rath Ullord and further afield. The current green space is open and puts children at risk given teh volume of traffic (construction and otherwise). Failing to do this will mean that the regular near misses will become a tragic accident. Simple cycle ways within teh estate and into this green space also can encourage children to ride bikes and shed any fear of cycling away from the ring road.
Main opinion: 

Each New Development needs more greenspace, children and people should be encouraged to get out not in fear of it.

Main requests: 

Convert the space in question to a retail /greenspace site which supports the residents, the local community and healthy living

Main reasons: 

To maximise the space around us and not exploit it where there is no need nor is there any community rationale

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