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Waterford Golf Club

6.4 Housing Strategy/ Housing Needs Demand Assessment

Waterford Golf Club own a large section of land on the boundary of the golf club, adjacent to the Newrath Road. This land is mostly designated as "active open space" and a segment of it [circa 20% / 4 acres] is designated as "Strategic Reserve".

We would like to apply to have a portion of our Strategic Reserve land [approximately .7 of an acre] rezoned to allow Waterford Golf Club’s Head Greenkeeper to build his family home.

The Head Greenkeepers job [i.e. management of the Golf Course and staff] requires him to be available outside of working hours. (Breakdowns, deliveries, Health and Safety, Weekend work). The close proximity of the Head Greenkeeper to the course is therefore beneficial to all parties involved.

The designated portion of land that we would like to have rezoned is also directly on the second access point to the golf club and the ESB station on Mount Misery. The ESB Station requires 24-hour access by the ESB and therefore a permanent, secured gate is not possible. Having the Head Greenkeeper living at the second entrance would provide greater security for the Golf Club.

As well as the work considerations outlined above, the Golf Club’s Head Greenkeeper is a local man and is the 3rd generation of his family to live in the area.

The rezoning of this land, if successful, would be for the sole purposes of the Head Greenkeeper's home and any such stipulation that may be contained in the planning stating that he can be the only one to build on this land is wholly acceptable by the Executive Committee of the Golf Club. The Golf Club has no current plan to request rezoning of any other piece of land aside from the .7 acres for the Head Greenkeeper. The development of his family home at this site would be a positive development, which we support for Waterford Golf Club and the local community.

Main opinion: 

Requirement of section of Strategic Reserve land to be rezoned to specific purpose residential.

Main requests: 

Requirement of section of Strategic Reserve land to be rezoned to specific purpose residential.

Main reasons: 

Proximity of Head Greenkeeper to golf course, work responsibilities out of hours, security

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