Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Glendine Heights Residents Association

5. Movement and Mobility Strategy

A chara, 

As representatives of the Glendine Heights Residents we would like to comment on two aspects of the Draft City and County Development Plan 2021. 

First we very much welcome Objective C6R in Volume 2 in relation to the preparation and implementation of an amenity scheme for the Glendine Amenity area.  We understand that this is a 6 year Plan, and consider this to be a reasonable time frame for completion of that objective, so we request that "during the period of this Plan" be inserted at the end of that objective. 

Second, we are delighted to see plans for a pedestrian bridge upstream of Greensbridge are being progressed, specifically as stated in Objective C6L (Vol. 2).  Again, we would very much welcome a time frame to be associated with this objective, as this connection would bring enormous benefits to the northeastern side of the City, enhancing pedestrian and cyclist connectivity to the city centre. If it is impractical to assign a timeframe, an alternative could be the prioritisation of this connection. We note that objective C6L refers to an additional bridge between John's Bridge and Ossory bridge; given that the Ossory pedestrian bridge already provides a connection to the south, could priority be allocated in the Plan to providing the northernmost bridge first?

Thank you for your time. 

Glendine Heights Residents Association 

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