Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Southern Region Waste Management Planning Office

10.2.9 Waste Management

While reference is made to the Circular Economy, it would be beneficial to expand on the benefits of adopting the Circular Economy  - as well as environemental benefits, but also social and economic benefits. Jobs in the Circular Economy can open up in areas such as repair, upcycling and green technologies for reprocessing of secondary materials for recycling and recovery.

There may be scope for expanding on the Circular Economy within Section  which has the title 'Waste Management Policy' but does not include any text.

In Section, emphasis could be made on adopting circular economy principles right from the commencent of the design phase for developments. . It is vital that, when designing for redevelopment and new developments, the concept of the Circular Economy is embraced from the start so that reuse, and the opportunities that go with it, can continue into and beyond the mature life of these developments.

Main opinion: 

The concept of the Circular Economy could be elaborated upon further in the Development Plan.

Main requests: 

That the benefits of the Circular Economy be highlighted and promoted: environmental, social and economic.

Main reasons: 

There is considerable scope to apply the principles of the Circular Economy right across activities, environemental, social and economic, so that the community benefits and sustainable development is ensured.

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