Feasibility of Enlivening the Laneway Network to the West of the City

Dúnta2 Mei, 2023, 9:00am - 30 Mei, 2023, 9:00am

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Kilkenny Western Laneways:

What is the Kilkenny Western Laneways Project?

This is a study looking at how to improve the roads and laneways located to the west of Kilkenny City Centre, between Parnell Street and High Street. The aim of the project is to develop options to improve connectivity and active travel on the laneways, reduce vehicular traffic and make them more attractive as places to live and work. It is Kilkenny County Council’s intention to use this feasibility study as a masterplan for the area to develop individual projects arising from the study on a phased basis.

The project focusses on the heritage-led regeneration of the area with the initial focus on public realm, as well as connectivity and biodiversity.


Public Information Session

An in-person Public Information Session will take place on: 

Tuesday 13 June 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm

Rothe House, Parliament Street.

Kilkenny County Council would like to hear your views on the Western Laneways:  what are the features of the laneways most important to you, how would you like to see the landscaping, ecology and biodiversity improved, what prevents you from walking/ cycling on the laneways at the moment.


What has been done so far?

The design team adopted a heritage centered approach in this feasibility study. The desktop study and consultations with various stakeholders uncovered a rich history of the laneways as the medieval core of Kilkenny, their development over time and the erosion of its urban grain which took place in the late 20th century. Many buildings suffer from vacancy, poor maintenance, general tired appearance. Nevertheless, the laneways are rich in heritage, contain quiet residential areas, long-standing businesses.

A traffic and parking survey was carried out to understand the traffic management, extent of formal and informal parking, and volumes of cars on each laneway.

The design of the project contains proposals to enhance the public realm of the laneways and improve their connectivity. High level traffic management proposals identify scope to reduce volume of cars and commuter traffic on the laneways. Three new links were explored to improve connectivity between the laneways and the wider street network of Kilkenny.


What comes next on the Kilkenny Western Laneways Project?

Some aspects of the project require consent from private landowners and consultation with them is ongoing. The public consultation will offer an opportunity for Kilkenny County Council to hear the responses to the initial proposals, and incorporate them into the project report.

The report will be used to apply for funding for the project, which will then be subject to a full design, more detailed public consultation, and a full planning procedure.


Who carried out the Feasibility Study?

John Mc Laughlin Architects were appointed by Kilkenny County Council as independent consultants as part of a full design team which included Martin Peters Associates Consulting Engineers, Mitchell + Associates Landscape Architects, Moore Archaeological and Environmental Services Ltd, and Nolan Construction Consultants.

To contact the project team, please email laneways@kilkennycoco.ie





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