3.3 Litter Prevention Actions (Community Focus)

closeddate_range5 Jan, 2018, 9:00am - 2 Feb, 2018, 5:00pm

This section looks at the different ways the community assists in litter control in their own local areas and how the Council can support their volunteer efforts.






Completion Date


Assess the needs of communities to ensure they are provided with sufficient resources especially in rural areas

Q2 2018


Encourage more volunteers to litter pick locally & provide necessary supports. National Spring Clean participation is stagnant in recent years at 120 registrations and a target to increase participation by 10% annually is proposed over the period of the plan.



Assess the function of the Tidy Towns forum in order to meet the needs of voluntary groups who participate in the national competition



Review the use of anti littering stencils countywide and pilot a community stencil project, permitting selected groups to administer stencils in their own area. The project outcome is to devise suitable guidelines for communities to use the stencils as part of locally promoted anti dog fouling campaigns into the future



Continue the development of education tools and activities within the educational and awareness unit to encourage the younger generation to respect their environment and keep areas litter free



Supporting Policy

  • The public must be responsible for their litter, should there not be a bin available; litter should be brought home for disposal. Dog walkers must be prepared and bring a bag and dispose of it responsibly, either in a street bin or in their own bin when they reach home.

  • The green school programme will continue to receive support from the Council and all schools will be offered educational supports regardless of their green flag status to encourage children to respect their local environment.

  • The Council will continue to appreciate the level of volunteer work completed in local areas to combat litter and will support local communities with practical measures to assist their volunteer work.