5.0 Monitoring and Reporting

Dúnta5 Ean, 2018, 9:00am - 2 Fea, 2018, 5:00pm
  • Monitoring

An in-house implementation plan is proposed to keep track of actions and in house targets will be agreed and set with different departments to ensure the Litter Management Plan is not just a policy document but a driver for change. A progress report will be generated every 6 months and the main findings will be presented to the elected members and to the Councils Management Team.

Annually the Irish Business against Litter League (IBAL) publishes a table of city’s and towns litter status. This national league table includes Kilkenny City and it generates an adjudication report twice a year. This is one independent monitoring tool which the Council will continue to follow with interest. Kilkenny City was top of the league table in 2012-2014 and while retaining “Cleaner than EU Norms” the city has slipped down to 15 th place in 2017.

The National Tidy Towns Competition includes a litter category and all communities that participate in the competition receive feedback on their litter control activities as part of their adjudication report. These comments and litter related scores are followed by the Council and community groups.

A litter survey was conducted in April 2017 along national and regional routes in County Kilkenny. The results are available in Appendix 4.

  • Reporting

There is a requirement in the Litter Pollution Act to review the Litter Management Plan annually. This review will be provided to the elected members by the end of Q1 each year. The review will list each action and provide a summary update of activity.

It is also proposed to update each Municipal District each summer of litter related activities in their area. This will provide a further useful mechanism for elected members to engage on the issue of litter, and to raise specific concerns, be kept updated on current litter related activities and identify possible priority projects within their area.

A progress report will be presented to the Councils Management Team every six months to brief each Director of progress and any barriers that might be preventing the implementation of actions.

Independent of the Litter Pollution Act requirements, the activities of the Enforcement team will be submitted to WERLA (Southern Region) annually by the submission of their REMCEI Plan.