Appendix 1 - Temporary Signage Policy

closeddate_range5 Jan, 2018, 9:00am - 2 Feb, 2018, 5:00pm


Kilkenny County Council policy on temporary signage on public lands is summarised below, a more detailed document is available on request from the Environment Section.

  • Subject to planning law, signage may only be erected on private property with the prior written consent of the landowner.
  • Before any signage is erected on public property the prior written consent of the Local Authority is required.
  • Posters advertising public meetings do not require prior permission from the Council
  • Election and referendum posters on public grounds do not require prior permission from the Council
  • Application shall be made to the appropriate Local Authority Area Office and shall include the completed application form and a site location drawing.
  • Approval must be sought at least three weeks prior to the proposed erection of the temporary signage.



City Hall (056) 779-4000

Thomastown Area Office (056) 7793340

Castlecomer Area Office (056) 444-1251

Ferrybank Area Office (051) 831-370


  • Approval shall be issued in writing by the Local Authority and shall be subject to conditions, particularly regarding road safety.
  • The maximum sign size permissible is 1.2m².
  • All signs and fixings must be removed within an approved time frame



The following types of events can be licensed by the Area Offices:

Cultural Social

Sporting Recreational

Educational Political

Religious Circus

Funfair Entertainment

& other events traditionally run by non-profit making societies