3.5 Measures to Encourage Public Awareness by Youth Education

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The Council acknowledges the importance of environmental education and a dedicated Environmental Awareness Officer (EAO) is responsible for creating, fostering and promoting the anti litter message by means of campaigns, educational activities and community support. Refer to Appendix 2 to review the list of litter projects completed in the last plan period.

Youth Education

There are 80 primary schools and 16 second level schools in the county which cater for approximately 18,366 students. The An Taisce Green School programme offers a great opportunity to work with schools to promote environmental awareness, including the anti litter message. Schools not involved with the Green Schools Programme have the same opportunity to engage with environmental activities organised by the Council.


Environmental Mural Completed at the Fr. McGrath Centre in 2016


The Environmental Awareness Officer (EAO) links in with many secondary schools through the CSPE programme by providing information talks and by suggesting possible environmental themed projects for the Gaisce Award. The EAO also explores opportunities to engage with youth groups across the county to promote the protection of the environment. The Education Unit has a presence on face book to engage younger audiences (www.facebook.com/kkcocoenvironment).

Table 3.5 Youth Education Activities

Action No.


Expected Completion Date


Support An Taisce Green School Programme

(90 schools registered, 71 flying a green flag)

Ongoing 2018-2020


Advance the Councils annual primary schools Environment Education Programme (Average 40 workshops annually)

Ongoing 2018-2020


Develop a similar educational programme for the secondary school curriculum. E.g (Eco-Unesco Green Teen Training Workshop)



Continue to develop linkages with youth clubs groups to encourage appreciation of the natural environment

Ongoing 2018-2020