4.0 Financial Supports

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4.0 Financial Supports

The Litter Management Plan lists 37actions to be completed over a three year period. Some actions are ongoing and require reporting to ensure that they are being completed with outcomes recorded while new initiatives will be achieved if the proper resources are provided. As the Council operates under financial constraints it may be necessary to consider completing actions in partnership with the private sector and/or national bodies to achieve actions that are unattainable without additional external financial support. Actions that are common between neighbouring County Councils will be investigated as there may be possible financial benefits to work collaboratively.

Over the past three years, the annual expenditure for litter management in Kilkenny is in excess of €1 million with approximately 80% relating to street cleaning activities. A breakdown of the 2016 litter control activities is listed in Table 4.1

Table 4.1 Litter Budget 2016

Litter Related Activity

Adopted Budget €

Litter Education & Awareness


Illegal Dumping Clean Up


Enforcement Surveillance (Equipment)


Litter Bin Provision (County)


KBC Litter Bin Collection & Maintenance


National Spring Clean


Anti Litter Initiative Community Initiatives


Street Cleaning (County)


Street Cleaning (City)


KKB Campaign





Capital Expenditure is required for the following actions over the plan period

  • SC6 (Assess the potential deployment of a road sweeper which is retrofitted to service national and regional roads with the capability to pick litter via a long arm suction device)

  • LP5 (Review the number, condition and location of existing street litter bins county wide & establish a multi annual capital programme to fund a county wide litter bin upgrade schedule)

  • LP6 (Establish a multi annual capital programme to fund the re-branding of the bottle bank network to improve their aesthetics)

  • EA4 (Develop infrastructure at all bottle banks to facilitate the placement of CCTV cameras)

  • EA6 (Identify black spot locations suitable for surveillance and engage professional operators in line with regional policy)

  • EA7 (Review the advancement of technology and deploy best practice to apprehend litter louts & seek capital investment for critical enforcement technology)

  • PEA7 (The establishment of a county wide clean up event will require additional budget and possible sponsorship from the private sector)