12. Movement and Mobility

Dúnta22 Nol, 2020, 09:00 - 12 Már, 2021, 17:00

12. Movement and Mobility

Strategic Aim: To co-ordinate transport and land use planning, reducing the demand for travel and the reliance on the private car in favour of public transport, cycling and walking by providing for a greater mix of suitable uses and by promoting and facilitating the transition to electrification of our transport modes moving away carbon intensive modes to new technologies such as electric vehicles. 

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IWA Submission on Movement and Mobility
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Transport in Rural Towns
A reduction of the speed limit to 30 km/h should be introduced in our town centres and outside all of our schools. This makes it safer for pedestrians and reduces the chances of...
N77 - Suggestion to upgrade road between Dunmore and the Castlecomer Roundabout.
The road has a huge volume of daily traffic, coming into Kilkenny from North Kilkenny and beyond. It is the road used by the extremely busy Glanbia plant in Ballyragget  for their lorries...