13.20.4 Play Space

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13.20.4 Play space

A standard of a minimum of 10 sq. m. of dedicated playable space per residential unit is to be provided as an integral part of the required open space for each new development.  This playable space can form part of the overall open space provision of a development but must be dedicated to play. 

This play space is to be distributed throughout the development and should consider the presence or lack of existing off-site provision.  The total space requirement should be broken down into the relevant typologies taking account of the maximum walking distances from residential units given below. 

Table 13.7 Play Space Distance Requirements

Play Space Type              


Maximum walking distance from residential unit

Doorstep Playable Space


Local Playable Space


Neighbourhood Playable Space


Youth Space


Doorstep playable space suitable for younger children can be included in smaller areas while the other play spaces will require larger areas. The doorstep playable space should be laid out to include a mixture of fixed equipment such as rockers, cradle swings, carousels, slides and junior multi units together with the use of sand, water and other materials for creative play.

The local playable space should include a mixture of rockers, swings, carousels, junior and senior multi units, slides, space nets and balance beams among other items of fixed equipment suitable for children up to 12 years of age together with the use of sand, water and other materials for creative play.

A neighbourhood playable space should be an extension of both the doorstep and local playable space with a wider range of play equipment and range of play opportunities providing a challenging, stimulating play environment.

Youth space should include detailed proposals to provide for the recreational requirements of young people over 12 of an area. Any set of proposals shall take into account the existing level of provision in the surrounding area and will attempt to deal with existing deficiencies.

Formal and informal games/recreational areas for adults and older persons should also be integrated within schemes (e.g. Tone Zones).

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