4.8 Development Management Requirements

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4.8 Development Management Requirements

  • For smaller towns and villages with settlement boundaries, individual serviced sites for individual houses and appropriately designed small housing schemes are promoted where social and engineering infrastructure are available. Housing will be encouraged at 15-20[1] units to the hectare and design should be sympathetic to the character of the existing settlement.  Designs for the development of backlands should seek, where feasible, to maximise permeability for pedestrians and connectivity to existing streets and roads, rather than creating cul-de-sacs and dead-ends.
  • The Planning Authority may limit the extent of development on any one site within the designated smaller towns and villages in accordance with the overall water services capacity and the availability of land for development within the village.
  • For Rural Nodes where no settlement boundary is designated, individual housing sites or small clusters, sympathetic to the existing form, will be considered contiguous to the existing built up area so as to promote their contribution to place making and the strengthening of the settlement/village core. No one proposal for residential development should however increase the existing housing stock[2] by more than 12.5%[3] within the lifetime of the plan.
  • To ensure that development of backland areas does not prejudice any potential comprehensive development.
  • Have regard to existing framework plans/community action plans (including existing Village Design Statements that have been prepared in consultation with the local community, and with relevant agencies), and expired LAPs, as supplementary planning information where appropriate.

[1] Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas- Guidelines for Planning Authorities 2009

[2] Including permitted and committed development

[3] Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas- Guidelines for Planning Authorities 2009

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