Appendix A Retail Strategy (City and County)

Appendix B Housing Strategy (City and County)

Appendix C Recreational Walking Trails and Public Rights of Way (City and County)

Appendix D County Geological Sites (City and County)

Appendix E Tree Preservation Orders (County only)

Appendix F Survey of Mature Trees (City only)

Appendix G List of Native Trees & Shrubs (City and County)

Appendix H Protected Views and Prospects (County only, City in text)

Appendix I Record of Protected Structures (County only)

Appendix J Record of Protected Structures (City only)

Appendix K Wind Energy Development Strategy (City and County)

Appendix L Statement outlining compliance with Ministerial Guidelines (City and County)

Appendix M Key Development Plan Objectives (City and County)

*PDF versions of the Appendices is found under the Materials heading

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Appendix K: Wind Energy Development Strategy
Kilkenny County Council is to be commended for its preparation of a Wind Energy Development Strategy as laid out in Appendix K.  This provides a plan-led, supportive policy framework for the...
Submission in respect of Wind Energy Development Strategy
Please see attached Submission. 
Objection to changes in wind stategy
I wish to object to the enlargement of the areas for acceptable in principle, this has had little discussion. I also believe with level 5 restrictions the option to discuss the changes has not been...